The Alpha Method

The training methodology used is an expansion of “Super Learning” developed by Georgi Lozanov.

This methodology exploits, as an essential component, audio-visual relaxation techniques that enable what is named a “mentally active state of relaxation”  – or the “Alpha State”.

Super Learning, however, is based solely on audio data input: i.e. by hearing.

The Alpha Method expands on Super Learning. It addresses all five senses, and thus tailors the learning process to how the brain actually functions by incorporating:

  • visual input – words and pictures
  • audio input
  • physical (touching and feeling learning objects) and emotional association (through situations and role playing)
  • and so far as possible, smell and taste

This methodology can be intensive and can – at times – include elements of Total Immersion. There is one important different.

The core of the Alpha Method relies on learning in a relaxed mental state – the Alpha State.

  • The Alpha State is a condition of total relaxation that extends even to the phase of falling asleep.
  • It is in this state that one’s thoughts are almost totally freed of other concerns and in which the brain is best able to incorporate and save new data in long-term memory.

Instead of stressful intensity, the best practitioners of this method combine fun, relaxation, involvement and variety.


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