There are several things you can plan for the week:

1. Watch your favorite videos!

Choose films or shows you already know well – the plot, the dialogue, etc. If your DVD does not have an audio track or subtitles in the language you are learning, order one in that language.

Optimal is a DVD with your native language audio and subtitles AND the both audio and subtitles for the language you wish to learn.

For more, see Self Study -> DVDs

2. If you are a sports fan… and can get a foreign language TV broadcast, watch your favorite sport in the language. The commentary describes exactly what you are seeing!

3. Read a short magazine article from beginning to end. Choose a story on something that REALLY interests you.

Or better, get one of those magazines that cater to language learners. These have articles with many words given in translation and also offer tips, small grammar lessons, quizzes, etc.

For more, see Self Study -> Reading

4. Learn a favorite song text in the song’s native language!

You can find lyrics for songs online – mostly for free. Then find a Youtube video of the song… and learn to sing along!

5. Organize or join a weekly meeting of fellow learners – an hour or two an evening. You can find interested people in your area with various social networks – or with work colleagues!

6. Play a game in a foreign language!

How about Trivial Pursuit (Junior Edition) in French? Or Monopoly in German?

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