The Learning-by-Association Method

How you can shorten your learning time by two-thirds with the Learning-by-Association Method

The Learning-by-Association Method can be combined with all other learning methods.

In test series, subjects were able to learn from 30 to 50 new words per hour with this method.

The learning time per vocabulary word was shortened by 50 to 70 percent.

Following the Learning-by-Association Method, you form a picture in your mind associated with: the word in your native language AND the corresponding word in the target language.

Simple example in German:

The verbs to eat – essen (German)

  • Think about yourself eating with an S-shaped fork.
  • Or think about eating s-shaped food.

You may need to depend on this association for the first two to three days that you study this (and other) vocabulary. After that, the word will become anchored in your long-term memory, and you will not need the association any more.

You do not need a lot of imagination for this method. What is important is that the association “makes sense” to you. Also, as you apply this method more and more often, it will become easier for you to find appropriate pictures and create such associations.

I learned about this methodology, as well as others, in my 17-Minute-Languages course.

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