Vocabulary training with Quizlet.com

Quizlet.com offers free accounts for training language vocabulary!

There are thousands of sets of vocabulary that you can study and learn by using these features:

  • flipping through flashcards – with or without audio
  • spelling words you hear
  • taking quizzes that you can configure yourself
  • typing in the right translation, and…
  • playing games matching words / phrases with their translations

Quizlet also tracks your record and progress for each of these features.

If you are learning German – or know a German speaker who wants to improve their English – one can ask for access to a set of 33 lessons I have uploaded there.

  • First, register a free account with Quizlet.com
  • Then find my class named “Mindstorm / Deutsch-English / Basic” (the link is http://quizlet.com/class/672324/).
  • The class is not available to all – I have to invite you to the class,

So send me your email address or Quizlet user name, and I will let you in!

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